What is Inside Wire Maintenance and is it really necessary

I'm getting Charged 9.99 a month for Inside Wire Maintenance.  I just want to be clear on what it really is. I've been reading that without this "insurance" Verizon would charge me a ridiculous amount of money to fix any problems if it were a problem with the wires inside my apartment, say or faulty jack or whatever....but if it's anything else say outisde, i heard that verizon don't charge for this.

BUT most of the time when the tech comes, it's never a problem with anything inside my house, it's always a problem with the small box that contains the copper wire connections (not the NID box but the other small box  which i don't know the name) outside the yard, in the backyard of the building.   If it's problem with the box in the backyard of the building, then technically it's not an inside wire problem correct? so Verizon should not charge me right? 

This means i don't really need inside wire maintenance correct?

IF so How do i go about REmoving this service?

Re: What is Inside Wire Maintenance and is it really necessary
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Verizon charges if there is a problem inside ($90-$100) that isn't caused by their equipment. An example is if there's an issue and they have to replace your coax cable inside or change out a wall outlet. A charge would apply. If a problem is on their end such as they find out its the dvr/stb causing issues or the ONT a charge would not apply. In some cases if they show up and find no issues at all them a fee might apply.

Is it worth the $9.99 a month? IMO no. The chances of an issue going on with something not on their end is rare.

It would be cheaper to pay a one time fee to fix anything if ever needed then pay $9.99 a month which ends up costing more in the end.

If you want to remove it just call them 1-800 Verizon.

Also, considering their terms are always changing, you can also ask them about when a technician fee would apply.

Re: What is Inside Wire Maintenance and is it really necessary
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Another factor to consider is what happens when the tech comes out but doesn't find a problem.   If Verizon is like my prior cable company they will charge you for that maintenance visit.   In my experience it usually took them 3 or 4 visits to figure out what was wrong. With one exception (a bad modem) it was always on their end. I don't know how much effort it would have taken to get the charges removed, but I know the maintenance plan made life easier.  

That said, I don't have one with Verizon due to creeping cost. Though, if I ever start having problems I may reconsider. Fighting Verizon over unwarranted charges would likely be a nightmare.