What is treatment
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Can't accept collect calls because Verizon says my service went through treatment. What is this
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If you have Verizons FIOS Digital Voice (you can tell if you do if have to dial area code even for local numbers) then you are unable to accept collect calls. Theres nothing that can be done to change this. I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

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Having to dial the Arrea Code is not just about Digital Voice; it can also be required because of an area code overlay.

I live in 714 and I have to dial the area code even though my phone setup is still POTS over Fios.

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I had the same question and also the one about how do I activate my phone log.  This one is a really BIG SECRET with Verizon.   I have spent almost a week on trying to get help to set this thing up, and apparently I'm not alone.  They advertise this service but just try to find out how to activate it  You have to go to the public because most of the verizon people either don't know or they are misinformed.  THIS IS THE MOST FRUSTRATING service I have EVER HAD TO DEAL WITH!!!!!