What's up with these "Dispatch Coordinators"?
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It seems customer service cannot schedule truck rolls anymore - I need to talk to a Dispatch Coordinator who approves the truck roll.  But after waiting for 20 minutes to talk to one, I called back and this time I waited 30 minutes before "approval".  This is for a problem with one of the POTS lines on the ONT, where rain got in and caused problems.

So with explaining and waiting, a call to Verizon "Service" for a POTS problem required 1 1/2 hours on the phone.  My next call will be to the state PSC.

Re: What's up with these "Dispatch Coordinators"?

Are you Kidding me!!

As if getting a simple problem fixed wasnt hard enough  with this company , they add now a extra layer of krap you need to wait 20 mins for and wade through to "Make sure the first 2 tech didnt make any mistakes".. ENOUGH..Youve shown me you that your penny wise and dollar foolish