When did VERIZON Freedom essentials plan change?

I've had the essentials plan for years.  Suddenly calls to Arizona (I live in PA) are now outside of the plan.  Also calls to my son's cell number (his only phone) are no longer part of the plan.  At least that is what they are saying when I call.  The website doens't reflect any of these rules. 

What is the point of having unlimted long distance if it actully is limited? 

Re: When did VERIZON Freedom essentials plan change?
Community Leader
Community Leader

It did not change.  What kind of numbers are you calling that get this problem?  Are you sure the area code is for Arizona?

If you can verify the number is domestic try contacting Verizon directly. Possibly some other company slammed you or you service is not properly listed on your account.

Rember you are talking to peers here.