Where is the area to look up a phone number?
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Why must Verizon change the way their web page looks and when you do make a change why is it so hard to find things like looking up a phone number?  Since doesn't want to send out phone books to our homes any longer so it should be very clear where to find this feature and yet it is not.  Doing a search on reverse look up or finding a phone number yields so many hits that  it would take me hours to read through everything to see if perhaps it contained the info I was looking for.

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I did point out the issue regarding the tools, and it is being investigated.by Verizon employees. But an ETA for getting it fixed or exactly how it is broke is up in the air. But yes Verizon should have that feature working somewhere.

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Why does it matter if it works when goole or the host of other sites there are do the same thing?  Mary

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Very sorry Shamika but that is complete nonsense.  The link you provided gives a long list of lookup info on DNS lookup, URL lookup and nothing for telephone number lookup other than a link to a page that says "Under Development"  which is not really helpful. 

Also I find most pages have a notice scolding me for using an unsupported browser.  i have found that none of the browsers you list as acceptable to you will run on a G5 Mac running OS X 10.41.  

I have enjoyed having paper free billing and paying on line but am planning to call Verizon tomorrow to changeback to paper billing as your website is clearly becoming unreliable to Mac users. 

Shamika, Could you please talk to someone there and try to find an answer on lookup?  The link was no help.

Thank you