Where's the Manual?
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My wife and I signed up for all three FIOS services back in February 09.  The tech spent most of the time getting our HDTV working and installing the internet connection. He did not provide any training (tutorial?) on the use of the phone system nor did he leave any kind of manual.  He did leave a thing he called a welcome kit but it, too, only covers tv and internet. 

After a frustrating look on the Verizon web site I cannot find any kind of PDF version of a manual or any place where you can request a printed version.  So my question is:  Is there a manual for the phone system? 2nd question: If you have one, how did you get it?

The main reason for this posting is a kind of follow up to my posting about dial tone.  When we make an outgoing call the dial tone we hear is first a series of short beeps followed by a standard dial tone. All the calls so go through.  Responses to my posting indicate these beeps have something to do with a message waiting.  

I'm wondering if it's some kind of welcome message from Verizon since this beeping business has been happening from day 1. 

There may be many more features of this phone system available to us but unless we have a manual we have no way of knowing exactly what they might be.


Re: Where's the Manual?
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Sounds like the Voice Mail Waiting Tone.

Dial your own number and then press "*" when teh announcement starts.  The Default Passcode should be the last 4 of your phone number.

Re: Where's the Manual?
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When you have voicemail you get a stuttered dial tone to let you know you have messages. The tech does not have a manual. You should have received an e-mail from Verizon letting you know the access number and how to set it up.

Re: Where's the Manual?
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Try this pdf file:


Just be aware that even if a feature is listed in this pdf and you have access to it on your phone does not mean its use is included in whatever calling plan you may have, and that there may be extra charges to use a feature. Hope this helps!