Why does it take 10 days to fix service problem?
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For the past three years I lose service to my house following a heavy rain.  The problem has never been within my house and it does not affect my neighbors.  Following our recent rains it has happened again and I'm told that the earliest that it can be adressed is July 5th. 

I can understand that there is a lot of repair to be done associated with our recent storm but had Verizon addressed the root problem anytime over the past three years then I would likely not have to be without service for a week and a half.

It is further confusing because in the notes assocated with my trouble ticket there is a comment that "a technition is NOT required to fix the problem"  How does this make any sense.

Finally, when I reported this problem on the 26th I asked to speak with a Manager when I found out how long it was going to take for repairs.  The Customer Service representative (Jacob) said that a manager was not available but assured me that one would call me back within and hour.   24 hours later and nothing.

So we have a re-occuring loss of service, 10 days wait for repair and Customer Service Management who are too busy to talk with customers. What's wrong with this picture? 


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