Why so hard to cancel something?
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Last week, a strange man in an orange vest appeared on our porch peering in the windows. When my senior-citizen husband went out to ask who he was, he said he was from Verizon and convinced my husband to allow Verizon to come strip the copper wiring out of the house, to be replaced by fiber optics. Not something we wanted done, but ...for some reason, he convinced my hubby that he did, indeed, want it done. There is concern among some techie-types (like our son) that not having the copper wiring could be An Annoying Thing when the power goes down again (Yes, we know about the eight-hour talk time battery backup.).

Anyway, we decided not to have the replacement done at this time, and I was delegated, as always, to do the phone call to cancel the procedure. After fifteen minutes of wending my way through voicemail hell, I finally got a human.... Who evidently couldn't hear me. Had to hang up and re-dial and go through it all again.  Finally got through to "Bob", who gave me quite an argument before he agreed to cancel the appointment - which, by the way, was set up for "Saturday, between 2 p.m. and 10 p.m.! I ask you, who wants a repairman showing up at the house late at night on a Saturday???? They actually think we'd be open to someone showing up AT NIGHT? I know the guy-on-the-porch did not mention that little detail during his spiel.

Next time, Verizon, try sending a letter instead of some probably-independent contractor to peek in my windows! And for heaven's sake, fix your voicemail system. One would think that the phone company would have the best, easiest-to-negotiate systems... But you don't.