Wireless Home - Caller ID Stopped Working
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recently switched from tmobile (4 cell phone lines) and att (1 landline) to verizon and all seemed to go smoothly for the first week, until i discovered that all of the cell phone lines on the account displayed my name on caller id instead of the name of each of my family members who had a new line.

verizon quickly fixed this issue by activating free call filter and shared id for all lines, now when any of my family members call someone, their name, not mine, shows up on caller id, as it should, all good.

except that this "fix" has caused my verizon wireless home phone (white box) line and connected to vrtech handset to stop displaying and announcing caller names, and instead it now displays only phone numbers but doesn't announce them.

last night i literally spent hours and hours with verizon chat trying to resolve this prob but no luck.

so does anyone know how i can get my white box to again display caller names as well as announce caller names, as it did when i first signed up with verizon, as it did before verizon "fixed" my other caller id issue? any help would be greatly appreciated!



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