Worst Voice Mail EVER!!
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I have nothing but problems using the online Verizon site to access my voice mail.  I'm trying right now to check them and once again, a "techinical issue" is not going to let me do that this afternoon.  

I can't listen to messages on my cell because every media player I've tried will NOT play the messages.  

And can I mention the fact that using Java is a constant inconvenience, as it is ALWAYS unsafe and all of my browsers have to request permission before using Java, makes it take FOREVER to actually get through them all.  

And can we PLEASE have the option of no pass code to check from the actual phone????  I'm the only adult in the house that would ever check the messages, and I don't need a pass code.  I always check them online, as they take forever because you can't delete them mid-message if you actually listen to them all from the phone.  

And last, while I'm on here, the Verizon installation software was ALSO not secure and my daughter got a virus in her PC where the main install took place because the the software.  


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