Wow, a full Digitial Voice outage
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Nice that I tried to make a phone call when the emergency call from the school, that my son was ill, went to voice mail on my Verizon Wireless phone because service is so bad in Massapequa, Long Island, NY.  (I had just moved from Garden City, LI, where Data services were degraded for my Iphone), which makes me really sorry I didn't stick with AT&T as my IPAD2 is AT&T and has 5 bars and quite speedy.  When the verizon tech installed my service, he had to drive a town over with his wireless laptop 4 times to program my Network Termination Unit (NTU)... one was defective.

I picked up my phone to call the school and see what had happpend with my son, and I had dial tone, but

calls were not connecting.  I reached Verizon via a borrowed AT&T cell, and the agent was pretty nasty

when I complained about the inability to dial.  He advised me they have a major outage.  WOW, and no

one knows???  I don't see it on the support site!  Even the small little ITSP's like Vonage have a "System Status"

on their webside.  Not Verizon.

Well, I dropped my Asterisk PBX on my net, powered it up, connect to, where I have a

SIP endpoint I normally use if I am on the road and need a land line. I will connect via a soft client

via SIP.  (I actually get 4 channels in  / 4 channels out for $27.99 a month and I have never had any

problems, except once where I could not dial a particular 888 number, but they resolved that quickly.

So I have phone service again!  Via Verizon.  But it is my 35/35 Internet that my PBX is doing SIP

to that is getting me phone connectivity. My "Verizon Digital Voice" is still dead!

You know... old POTS -48VDC just worked.  Even their non-digital pots service over 1310nm

to their DMS switching facility, just worked.  NOW they are using SIP over IP, and they have

network issues.

I have been a network engineer designing low latency fiber and wireless networks for

30 years.  They don't care to talk to people that know more anout their network than

they do.  The agent and technical support were pretty rude. "We are using a new SIP

technology on digital voice!?   NEW????  Like 1985 new???  Hello!  SS7 is old

(5ESS, NT100)... is old.  SIP is not NEW.  It is "Newer", but not new.

My 16 year old son obtained a PBX package that allows you to basically become a LEC.

He pays for a 100Mbs Metro-Ethernet with QOS service, and provides SIP based LEC

services to about 40 homes in his area.  It is funny.  He has redundant connections, and

his customer base is growing. The PBX administration allows multiple customers,

and programming down to each customer level, will bill generation, etc. Made by a

Romanian company... He has two servers running in load balance mode.

(He is 16!).... I should support him, but I have been using Liquidy as an ITSP for several

years.  Maybe he should consult to Verizon, he knows SIP internals quite well...

I am sure he knows more than the "converted copper guys now called "Multimedia Installers"...

Nice Job Verizon. Thanks for no notification.  Thanks for the same terrible support.

The next RFP that comes in for the next multi-million dollar network I design, rest assured

your RFP response will go in the shredder...

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I am sorry to hear about your frustration with the downtime in your service. If you are still experiencing problems making calls, please send me a private message so we can take a look at this.


has anything been done yet - because we too, have been down since the 22nd of sept.  We get no answers on the verizon web portal concerning outages - and phones have either been down, busy or closed.



Due to a storm in the area we had to replace our router.  Once replaced all was back to a good status - plus wifi is now working.  Woo Hoo!