Wrong bill being received

How do I get Verizon to stop sending me someone else's bill to my address? I am the only one that lives at my address, and beginning about five months ago, Verizon decided to randomly start sending me someone else's bill, The bill that I am receiving is for someone who I assume lived at my address prior to me moving in, and they most likely either didn't bother changing their address or the forwarding address time ran out.

The thing about receiving this bill though, is that it seems to come in two month intervals. In other words, for two billing cycles, I will receive a bill that doesn't belong to me via U.S. Mail. Then, for the next 2-3 billing cycles, I don't receive it. It then starts over again. Each time I have received the bill that doesn't belong to me, I have marked on the outside "Return to sender" "Not at this address"

I can only assume that one of two things are happening after I put the bill back in the mail: 1) The post office is throwing it out and not actually returning it to the sender. 2) The Verizon billing department hasn't noticed the markings on the envelope.

The last time I called Verizon about this, I was informed there was nothing they could do (mostly becuase I don't have the specific account information that can be used to lookup the person the bill is being addressed to). I was informed to just keep doing as I have been doing as far as marking the envelope. I should mention to that the post office isn't being of much help as far as not delivering the mail that clearly doesn't belong to me.

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