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The technician had been to my place several times to fix the landline for the past month. However, he was unable to permanently resolve the issue. The phone line either has static noise and as of today the landline does not have a ringtone. In addition, my broadband service hasn't work for the past month. The technician also came by my place and was unable to fix the broadband issue as of today. I am going to file a complain to your executive office! I am very disappointed in the service and will consider seriously using another company.
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May I ask, when you reported a trouble to Verizon in the past, how were you calling them up? Via the landline itself or via a cell phone? It's best to call Verizon from another phone line that isn't affected so that they can perform an MLT test on the line. Have them do it during a time where the line itself is affected, and there should be no need to send a tech out to your home to solve the issue except to verify that it is fully solved. It sounds like you have a typical case of a short or a bad splice with unshielded/damaged cabling being affected, which is something an MLT should be able to pick up given the line isn't seen as being off the hook entirely (which would prevent an MLT, first of all, and second of all require prompt truck rolls).

For now, keep dealing with Voice Repair/Customer Relations and do not bother with DSL Support as the DSL service will follow with improved voice service. Just remember the basic troubleshooting steps; if you take a phone out to the NID and the same problem occurs while using the test jack, it is Verizon's issue to solve as modern NIDs should disconnect your home's wiring prior to you connecting anything to it. It's something that every support agent on the phone should ask if you've done.

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