bill raised

I have two phone lines with the features only on one line for the last 12 years. I called to inquire about adding the features to my second line. Long story short, they Raised my rate by $ 23 and said the features on the first line had been terminated and they would now add them at the new higher rate. This is complete **bleep** and they refuse to listen and insist on charging me $ 63 for one phoneline. Guess what, Cable is alot cheaper and I will be terminating both Verizon lines. Bad business Verizon!! Anybody else switching to cable?

Re: bill raised
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Since we haven't heard back from you or have received a form submission as requested in your private support case, it appears assistance is no longer required. If you need any future help with your Verizon service, please make a post here on the forums so we can assist.