blank voicemails every day

I have a problem where I have multiple blank voicemails every day.  With my FIOS telephone number, I use the system voicemail.  I have it set to 4 rings.  I have Nomorobo activated and reject callers without caller id or blocking caller id.  Most of the spam calls that make it through are silent for a few seconds before an 'agent' or 'person' comes on the line from a call center.  I guess for the seconds of silence, the voicemail records the call, which is blank.  I've had this routine for YEARS where I pickup my handset, listen to voicemail prompts and a blank message and hit delete.  It usually takes up a few minutes every day and is a major aggrivation after all the years.  Is there any setting i can do so this doesn't happen?  I appreciate Verizon's efforts to curb spam calls abd seeing 'SPAM' on the caller id.  In the old days when there was an app, I could just click delete on the message.  These days with having to log in and navigate to the voicemail it takes even longer than on the handset.  Any help or suggestions are appreciated.  THANKS!

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