call blocking features

As a over 30 year customer, we have come a long way in phone service. I used to utilize your Do No Disturb service but that became too hard for some folks who needed to call me. Having Digital voice, I use the block number feature and the private caller block. Thing is, some callers use other words than private and bogus phone numbers or no numbers at all. So you are not able to block them. I have even got calls saying no data. If you could block these and you all kept a list for the FBI to look at and trace. This would help deter the phone crime. With all the identity theft and scammers, having these changes would be of a great help to folks.  Plus the list is only 10 numbers. It should be 25 numbers at least. Also no one who calls with a bogus number or refusal to identify who they are should be allowed to call your number but be placed on that FBI list. I think that would help them better track some of these terriorists if they had access to these numbers. Ligit companies would just be cleared and removed from this list though you personally may still block their telemarketing calls. Just a thought. 

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