cannot reach number in 516 area code

I tried calling a 516 number ending in 7717 and the call went to a number identical to the one I dialed EXCEPT it ended in 7747.  I made the call three times from a Time-Warner landline in 585 area and the same thing happened every time.  Then I called from a T-Mobile cell phone with a 516 number and the same thing happened.  Apparently there is a problem at the receiving end.  Time Warner technical service could find no problem, but was able to tell me the receiving number is served by Verizon.

Can Verizon technical service determine what the problem is?

Re: cannot reach number in 516 area code
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It sounds like call forwarding may be active on the account.  If you are certain that is not the case have the account holder contact Technical Support for assistance.  We can definitely determine what the problem is.