copper handset phones to fiber connection from copper to fiber forced conversion

I have one telephone number with two handset phones in different rooms on the same number. VZ is moving my building from copper wire to fiber connectivty. I also have converters on these two handset phones which enable me to have enhanced VZ DSL pluged in for Internet access from one of the phones.

For the copper to fiber installation, VZ will require me to have an installation of an fiber connected ONT which will provide an outlet for a wireless router hookup and a telephone wire (POTS Cat4?) wire hookup to my existing handset wireing.

My question is, can I run a 50 ft telephone wire from the ONT POTS terminal to terminate in a phone jack at the end of my new 50 ft telephone line which will accept either of the handset telephone lines? Is there any sense of a primary / secondary handset which must be connected first or will a telephone jack hookup on either phone give me the two phone use on one number like I presently have from my copper wire POTS hookup installed when my building was constructed?

Another question is, if an ONT is installed in a closet, how is the power cord connected. Is it a fire violation to have a power cord running through a hole in the wall to access to a power outlet running from inside a closet?

Finally, the ONT is supposed to have a dedicated power outlet on a non switched wall outlet for the ONT unit. Is it permitted to use a 3 ft appliance extension cord to allow the ONT to reach the wall outlet.

When I tried asking these questions from the VZ agent, I got mostly "The installer will decide."

Frustrated and Confused


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You can use your existing phone wiring, as your phone will see the ONT as if it were a conventional POTS phone connection.  And most 3 wire extension cords will work fine(really must be grounded).  Note you cannot use DSL, so look at FIOS internet packages.