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A large tree came down on our road due to Hurricane Irene, Aug.28th. The tree took all the power lines down with it. The electric was out for 4 days, cable 6 days, and we still no landline phone!! It's been 11 days now! Tried to get a hold of Verizon when this 1st happened. After a long time on hold(on my cell phone-using my minutes) I gave up. My neighbor did eventually get a hold of them, and was told they would be out last Sunday. Well, it's Thursday now, and still no sign of Verizon. I called again, finally got through, spoke with a representative who put me on hold again, and have been on hold now for almost an hour!!!!! So, I hung up, and tried again, figuring I was forgotten about. It's now been 20 min and I'm still on hold! This is sooooooo frustrating! I am very, very unhappy with their service, and about ready to cancel my landline service with Verizon!!!

Needed to vent, while on hold waiting =(

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I sent you a private message to see what we can do to resolve your trouble. Please check when you have a moment.

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