digital voice install question
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hi me and my family are going to be getting the triple question i have right now is about the digital voice..we have cablevision now for internet and tv and verizion for our landline regular phone

for the installing of digital voice voip is there anything that will be diff with the way my phones are actually setup in my anything connected to the router phone wise any changes really to the current setup phone wise is what i really wanna know

thanks please reply asap

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VoIP for Fios Digital Voice is handled by the ONT (The Box that gets installed) and that in turn is connected to your NIM (where your phone lines in your house meet) so for setup purposes, you won’t notice a difference between FDV and a regular phone. The only operational difference is that when you dial out, you will need to use area codes. 

A big plus to FDV is that you can customize and control the features of your phone online.


You can even get a call log from that site, and listen to your voicemail.

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Tired of all the problems you have to put up with on Cablevision?  I hope you are happy. We used to have Cablevision and switching to FIOS was a decision we have no regrets doing one bit.  I can list a lot of issues we had with Cablevision and we have a few issues with FIOS, I'm willing to deal with the small issues than the larger Cablevision issues.