fax fights with answering machine

We have a two line phone with base unit and an answering machine in one room; a remote hand set in a separate room to answer calls during certain hours, and a Kyocera CS255c printer/copier/fax machine to send and receive faxes.

Calls roll from line 1 to line 2 and should be picked up by the answering machine if no one is available.

Faxes come in on line 2.

I cannot find the correct settings to get the fax and answering machine to work together correctly so faxes come in and messages are recorded. Answering machine is set to 7 rings, fax is set to Auto(normal) and 4 rings.

What are the recommended settings? Will distinctive ring help?

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We can offer a suggestion to you.  The issue is that you have the fax machine set to answer before the fax machine.  Either way one of the devices ar not going to function on incoming calls because once one of the devices pick-up the call ends with that device.  Distinctive ring will work as a feature along with your fax machine if that is a option in the fax machine menu.  We are not sure if you have FIOS digital voice but if you do have FIOS digital voice , be advised that distinctive ring is available but you will not be able to use the FIOS Caller ID on TV  if you choose to order distinctive ring.  Those 2 features are not compatible at this time. Please let us know if you have any further questions.


Tonya D.