>> FiOS Internet without land line??
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Hi. I now use only my cellphone so I don't want to have the land line anymore. Can I still receive FiOS Internet without the land line? If not, I'm planning to cancel everything and just switch to cable internet. Thanks.

Re: >> FiOS Internet without land line??

Yes you can have FiOS Internet stand alone. But remember, it you are in the middle of a commitment, the ETF is $10 for each month remaining. I switched to Double play with Internet and TV only, and also dropped my phone service.

It looks as it the double play with minimal TV and Internet is not much different than stand alone FiOS Internet. Now if you want faster speeds and no TV, it will probably cost more. You need to login at myverizon.com and check the cost for your account. If it does not allow you to do it online, you may have to do it through an online chat, or call billing.