hardware installation question
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would someone please explain something to me that verizon seems unable to do. i'm very seriously considering the verizon fios triple play. the question which eludes answer is specifically what is the physical configuration of the voip hardware. currently we have vonage. the voip adapter connects to the cable modem via a standard ethernet patch cable. naturally it has an rj11 female port to plug in the phone.

the big question is with fios, 1 - what voip hardware is there, 2 - how does it interface between fios and the phone? is it similar to a common voip convertor - rj45 in, rj11 out? connecting it to the home phone wiring isn't necessary as all the phones are cordless and connect to a single wired base needing a single rj11 connection.

thanx in advance for any help in understanding this mystery!

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Re: hardware installation question
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If you get the Fios Digital Voice this is a Voip but the software is handled at the ONT.  You do not have to plug your phones into a modem as you would use your existing phone jacks in the house.  We connect the existing copper wire up to the ONT.