home phone details not explained/fraud

Back in July when I upgraded my cell phone the salesperson talked me into "trying" your home service because she said it would "save me $".  I waited a couple of months to compare bills and found out that the home phone was eating up my cell minutes so I had overages!!!  NO ONE EVER EXPLAINED THAT MY HOME PHONE WAS NOW USING UP MY CELL MINUTES.  In fact she never even asked about my home phone usage because then I would have told her I make tons of toll free conference calls for my work and we both would have realized the problem before it became this problem.

Needless to say I had to switch back and then I found out I was being hit with a $160 early termination fee for the home line I was livid.  And again NO ONE EVER TOLD ME I WAS SIGNING UP FOR A 2 YEAR CONTRACT ON MY HOME LINE.  I found it outrageous to be charged all these fees when I have been a loyal customer for 10+ years and currently have 3 smart phones with you.  Customer service at 611 said there was nothing they could do but maybe the store manager could.  I talked with Mark or Marco at the RSM 92688 store and he said there was nothing he could do and neither would the district manager.  I even told him I needed to port over another phone number and that didn't change his mind one bit.  

You will lose me as a customer as soon as I can get out of my contract with you if nothing is done to waive the $160 fee on the home phone cancelation.  I really feel it was FRAUDULENTLY sold to me.

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They didn't give you a contract to sign and copy of it seplling all that out?    I would be calling the attorney general in your state if that's the case.  I didn't even know you could have a home phone hooked to a cell, very interesting to learn that as I thought verizon landline and verizon wireless were 2 separate things.  Mary