landline static and DSL repeatedly drops signal


        Static on landline is almost unbearable, although rarely it gets better for very brief periods. DSL drops signals many times during the day. Called Verizon, they ran an automated test and stated problem is in their lines. Sent technician out (I was at work) and did nothing because couldn't locate the NID box. 

         So I followed the phone line into the basement and there is no NID. Took off a few ceiling blocks and there were a bunch of phone wires that plug into a small plastic square. This is an old house and I assume this is how it was done in those days. Verizon sending a tech over next week. My questions are:

How do I know where Verizon's repair responsibility ends and mine begins? Is the line that plastic square? I understand Verizon should repair their responsibility for no charge. But if my responsibility area is also in need of repair will Verizon also fix that or do I have to look for my own repair person? I understand I have to pay Verizon to repair this. 

Is the DSL dropping related to the heavy phone static? Do I need to call separately back to Verizon for the DSL issue? Thanks. 


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