I lost my phone back on December 26 it took them till Jan 3 to fix it.  I'm still having problems with static on my line and at times my internet cuts out.  Today I came home and I didn't have a dialtone, again.  Called verizon got disconnected from customer sevice.  Found out that my dailtone is now back.  It seems to go in and out.  Do they care that little about their customers any more.  I tired of fighting with the stupid automatted machine to try and get hold of a real person.  This has gone on to long..  I don't have aregular cell phone to depend on.  We have a gophone but that's not good for every day talk.  I think I'll have to give comcast a try. As I went to post this I found out my internet was out again.

Re: landline???
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Check and make sure comcast has battery back up on their phone service if that's important to you.   My Mom just got time warner phone service and there is no battery back up so if her power goes out so does her phone and she has no cell but it's very rare in our area for power outages and neighbor knows she got this so if power were to go out neighbor would check if she needed to make calls.  Mary