need help on how to file a complaint

I've never had to complain against a utility before - but on 9/30/10 I was given a price guarantee for 2 yrs for my landline by "chris" in Tampa, FL - and my bill keeps going up. I spoke with Andrea in Escalations today who told me that my bill can go up any time for any reason and that Verizon doesn't have to abide by price guarantees. When I asked for assistance, she said that she couldn't do anything, that there was no supervisor higher than her to talk to (really? I was speaking with a VP or President???) and that she had no ideas about how to resolve my issues (namely being promised a price by a Verizon employee who assured me that the price was guaranteed for 2 yrs).  She would not offer a credit, would not let me speak to anyone else and refused to do anything. I've read lots of complaints about customer service and Verizon - but this is a fraudulent pricing practice and although I'd rather not file complaints with the FCC, FTC and California Public Utilities Commission - I'm not sure what to do at this point.

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