new service and now no dial tone

On Friday, 3/23, we were supposed to get Verizon landline service and enhanced DSL. Somehow, the service-ready date for phone was scheduled for 3/23, and the service-ready date for DSL was scheduled for 3/30 with no consultation with me. That's not my issue here, though. The technician hooked up the phone on 3/23, and all was fine with it till yesterday morning (3/26), when we found no dial tone (or incoming calls). We followed the troubleshooting procedure, and there's no DT at the NID box, so I placed a repair order. It won't be done until tomorrow afternoon, 3/28 (the earliest availability offered by Verizon). I am very unhappy. My husband is disabled; I need the phone; my cell phone minutes are limited. I just needed to vent. Thank you.

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