no landline service since Tuesday
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I have had no telephone service since Tuesday.  Occasionally I will pick up the phone and have dial tone, then it immediately goes away.  when calling my number it either rings and goes busy or you get a recording saying this number is not in service. Repair has been pleasant but less then helpful, it sounds as if they have no idea what the problem is.

They keep telling me when it will be cleared but of course it never is.

The told me yesterday everyone on my "circuit" is having the same problem.

This is very frustrating.  Yes, I have a cell phone but if I didnt want a landline phone I wouldnt have one.  

I'm really not happy with Verizon at all, first they wont let me renew my contract and now I have no dial tone.  I am truly disgusted.  I pay almost 300 dollars a month for my fios service and I'm not being given any service.

I know this forum is other customers but perhaps someone in the company will read this and try to help me

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whereabouts are you. we have intermitten issues since about then too. we are in Wyckoff