outgoing call list

Is there a way to access my outgoing call list?  I tried to call my son around 2 in the morning on the house phone (landline), and someone answered his phone.  I thought I had misdialed and apologized, hanging up.  Checked my contacts on my cell and felt I dialed the correct number, so I redialed.  he answered after about five rings.  He told me I misdialed, but I swear I dialed the correct number.  There is no way to check my outgoing calls?  I remembere the days when we got itemized bills with all the outgoing calls made, and can't believe I'm not able to locate this online.  Ican do this with my wireless account.  Wht not with my landline?  I don't have FIOS (I saw that with FIOS you can access account manager and see your outgoing calls) but not on traditional landline account?  Any help?  Thanks!