pay phone bill on the phone
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Why can't I pay my phone bill from my landline phone without having to pay an extra charge?????

I used to be able to do this and then they stopped it, but they had an office near where I could pay it.

Now they closed the office which accepts payments and opened up only wireless offices that do not accept payments for landlinesand now I am forced to try and find a computer that I can use to pay my bill or travel 20+ miles to one of the verizon offices that accept payments for landlines.

Why are they making it so hard for people with landlines??? Do they want to force people to give up their landlines so that they have to get a cell phone so they can charge you an arm and leg for the service and track your every move with the GPS that is in your cell phone????

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Re: pay phone bill on the phone
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Some would say YES they want you to change.  Welcome to the 21st century. 

You do have a few other choices such as automatic billing or old fashion mail.