phone cut off

here a good on i just got the triple play on 8/21/14 and on 9/5/14 the cut off my phone service said someone at fios doubled my order. So i called at 12:30am this morning to see how to fix this problem and they told me in billing they had to add the phone back on to the account and the dept. that could turn me back on would been open at 9am sat and would give me a call as so i called them at noon est time and them told me they would add it to the open ticket number and someone from that dept would call me back today as of 2:20pm est no call back but i got a repair man here from verizon and i showed him the box and how it was not working gave him my phone with no dial tone he tested it with his butt set it was dead so he got the numbers off the box and he had to drive down the street to call the main office so he could get this issue fixed (cell service stinks) here and he has not returned yet either and now i have no tv either. as of 2:26pa est way to go fios i should of stayed with cablevision i still got 2weeks to switch back...

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