phone service does not work

I had Verizon Triple Play installed on Thurs. 9/15/11 and the Directv and my internet connections were all that went OK. Verizon showed up to connect phone and I had no features available[caller ID, etc.]. I called the Verizon office and was told that installation would be Fri. 9/16/11. Again no lick. Called and was told Sat. 9/17/11. Guess what! I had to wait until Mon. AM to call and was put thru to Tech Support. They said to hold on and they would immediately connect me. They said good to go. Now I cannot receive any calls without the call going to Verizon recording for emergency 911. So now I have to wait for someone at this "Funny Farm" to correct their error until tomorrow. These are supposed to be the phone people! I was better off with Comcast. They were more expensive but at least the services worked.

Re: phone service does not work
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I am sorry to hear about the trouble you have been having trying to get the phone working. We would like to help. I have sent you a private message so I can get more info from you.