porting my original number
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For weeks I have been told port my number would not be a problem. I just had to wait until January the 9th. The order was put in on the 12th of December. Today I was told I can't have it back, and I am stuck with the new number. I had that number for almost 10 years and really did not want to lose it. Especially since Verizon owns all the lines in my area. It went back to verizon but they can not give it to me. Why is my question? My neighbor and friend changed hers on Monday from the same company and there was no problem. Again why can't they do that with mine?

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Just a friendly reminder, this is a forum where users help other users. It looks like your issue may require a Verizon representative to review your account details. Please contact our customer service team via live chat or email at: http://www22.verizon.com/content/contactus/

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Just a reminder.  I bet this person has called, e-mailed and chatted with verizon many times just as I have.  Your customer service is terrible.  People are frustrated and have no other outlet, because apparently verizon could care less.