problem solved!!!

I finally have a resolution to the "no dial tone" I have had since 8/15. I posted on the Board here on 8/23  about my lack of dial tone and the problem I was having getting it fixed. I've had Verizon and it's predecessors for 33 years, never late with a payment., and only needing "repair service" 2-3 times in that 33 year span.

First I'd like to thank Elizabeth the Moderator for seeing my problem was handled by one of the Verizon employees that help on this forum.

Second I'd like to thank Shamika_VZ for the help she got for me (after....5 PMs, and a lot of aggravation (on my part)).

Until yesterday Verizon was here on 8/24, 9/2, and supposed to be here 9/6...Still no dial tone.....No attempt on Verizon's' part to contact me via my Verizon cell phone # or email or even a text message to find out what is going on with this ( since 8/15)...problem  repaired.

I did question why there is no human intervention with the customer when things get this out of hand. There is plenty more going on that I will not go into here. It is a darn shame that this is the way Verizon treats it's customer...Especially a long term one like myself.

Back to the solution.....I went to Cablevisions' Optimum Voice on 9/7......More features, unlimited calls to anywhere in the US and Canada, and Puerto Rico, and cheaper ($20 a month vs. my $60 or so). I even get to keep my phone # I've had since 1978!!

I called the 1-800 Verizon # to cancel.... Finally a human to talk to!! Too bad they don't give you the option to speak to one when you have a problem...only when you want new service, add a line or cancel (so they can try to get you to reconsider). I didn't take down HER name, but she was very understanding and apologetic and will take care of the final Verizon bill.

The real kicker is TODAY 9/8 @8:34am I get a call from Verizon ( sorry i didn't get her name either...) to straightenout the problem I have been having with this repair.  I regaled her with my concerns about thier customer service, as I did with the Verizon employee yesterday evening.

So it's..... SO LONNNNG lose a long time, never had a problem with, made money on the "line maintenance" fee customer........Good Luck .