"Call list" contains more calls and numbers than "call Log" - I did not make these calls!
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I went to look at the details in my phone bill in Aug - the first for "Triple- play". Then to FiOS Digital Voice Unlimited "View Details". I found a "FDV Call details" and was shocked.


55 calls were listed from my land-line residential phone. 24 calls to the SAME number in a different area code which I (or anyone in the house) had ever called. No one else has access to my phone. None of these were listed on the "call log". The longest was 3 minutes. Unlimited plan, so no charges.


12 calls to the SAME number in July out of 37 calls. None of these were listed on the "call log".


I went to live chat. He insisted these were from someone in the house. NO. After 20 minutes I asked for the supervisor. He did a "phone test" and "reset the main box (that reset basically all the cable boxes, phone, and internet). The chat lasted 1 hr and 11 minutes. "Will this fix the problem?" "Yes, but if you see that the calls are been made that would mean that someone inside your home is making this calls".


What?? The bills before July do not have this information.

Is anyone else having this problem? He mentioned "cross connect". What is this?


Please give me some information!

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Would the number happen to be 7162549027 Buffalo NY ?

I've had this number on my bill for as long as I've had verizon, almost two years. I've talked to them and emailed them a few times and gotten no answers. I know it's not costing me anything but I'd like to know if my system has been hacked.

They say no but something's going on.