second phone line taking too long

Via the online chat, I have ordered FIOS triple play bundle and asked anout my existing second phone line through comcast. The person told me that the second line should be ordered by calling verizon and that it will be added at the time of installation. By the way, the installation was scheduled 15 days later, which I thought was very long.

The day after placing the order, I called verizon and the lady took all the informaton for checking my credit and told me that the second line will be ported from comcast after the my primary FIOS installation was completed. A few days before the installation, I called again to ensure that the second line is ready to be included but the customer rep could not find any notation to my previous discussions with a previous rep on this topic readily and but he told me that he was able to fix the problem with the order.

On the day of installation, the tech guy did not know anything about my second phone line and I had to call verizon again and the rep told me that the line would be installed before the tech guy leaves my home. It has been 1-1/2 days and I still do not have the second line. The tech guy waited a long while in my home and on the phone with the company but could not get the connection turned on. Since it was after 6:00 pm, he said he had to go home but will continually check on the status and let me know when it becomes available. We called him the next day again since the service was not yet available and he knew that it is still not activated but did not know why it is taking long. I called the company and no one could tell me when it will be available.

When comcast cable ported this second line previously from verizon, it was done instantaneously. Why does it take so long to have my second line ported from Comcast?

I experienced a lot of problem with the customer service; it seems one person does not know what the other has done on my account. shouldn't they be making a notation of discussions with the customer with the date and time?

Did anyone have a prior experience like this with second phone line or porting the service from comcast? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

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I am sorry that you are experiencing these problems. We would be glad to help you out. I have sent a private message to get more info from you.