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My phone system consists of one base phone in the kitchen and three handsets -- two on the first floor and one upstairs on the second floor in my bedroom.  During the day Saturday the phone(s) were working fine -- by Saturday night all the phones no longer functioned.  The error message on the screen of the phones says "No line".  The light still lights up as if they are being charged but there is no dial tone and when someone rings in all they get is a busy signal.

Radio Shack, where I bought my phones, indicates that it not an equipment issue..  Having no where else to turn I'm asking you what it could be.  Could it be my bill, the line into my house?  What could it be?

Please help as I am 93 years old and during the day I'm alone a good part of the morning.  I need a phone but I can't seem to get mine working.

What would you suggest?

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Hi Kashka,

Just a friendly reminder, this is a forum where users help other users. If you are having an issue with your Verizon service, you can use the Verizon Troubleshooter to fix and report issues with your Verizon Phone, FiOS TV, or Internet Service, as well as to schedule a repair, here is the link:
You can find tools on the Verizon Residential Support page that may help you diagnose your issue:

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One thing to remember when troubleshooting a no dial tone problem is that one bad device plugged into your phone line can cause no dial tone on all the other phones in the house. Therefore the best troubleshooting is to unplug all devices except for one. If you still have no dial tone swap out that one phone for a different phone, a lan line phone if you can. If at this point you still have no dial tone it is time to call Verizon Technical Support and explain to them the troubleshooting steps you have already done.

Remember that any of these devices that are plugged in can cause a problem: fax machine, security system, answering machine, lan phone, cordless phone, or anything else that plugs into a phone line. Hope you get it firgured out soon!

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  • As you only have one base phone does your home have other jacks that you could try.
  • Can you test the jack with a different phone.  (Perhaps borrow one from a neighbor.)
  • If the inside jacks are good,  then try the outside jack at the terminal box.  The phone junction box will have a homeowner test jack. You have to open a cover to get to it.
  • If the phone doesn't outside, contact Verizon.  If it does work at the outside jack, but not inside ,try to find someone else to repair your house wiring.  That will probably be cheaper than Verizon. In my area VZ phone repair costs $91.00 for the first half hour and $46.00 for each additional half hour or part.  Plus materials which will undoubtedly include a huge markup.