unhappy customer

In reality, should own stock in verizon for the amount of money they get from me each month. But instead they will lose a loyal paying customer over poor customer service. To reduce the monthly payment a mere $10 the bundle plan with landline, highspeed dsl, and directv was modified. Without notice the dsl connect  was turned off. After 5 customer service calls, 2 upper supervisor requests, and 3 accounting office calls, I was told that nothing could be done, but in 3 days the dsl would be turned back on. Seriously. No one can explain why it was turned off, and no one cares about it either. Only hope a ground swell of dissatisfied customers band together and change residential providers. And it is upsetting that after waiting on hold forever the contact is made to a rep in the Phillipians. So they say this call might be monitored for corporate training use. Train what? how to anger the customer?