verizon call assistant "server down" and login issue

i downloaded the software a month ago & keep getting the server is down message.  i was told that the vca app is in the middle of an ungrade and therefore the app wasn't working.  i'm still unable to login.  am i doing something wrong?  do i need to register a new user id and password for vca?  i'm assuming the login in is the same as what i use to log into


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Re: verizon call assistant "server down" and login issue
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Hi there.  You mention that you downloaded the VCA software but are unable to login.  My first question is basic - where did you download the software from?  Did the link come to you in an email from our business office?  The reason I ask is that if you did not receive an email with the link, you might not be correctly registered.  If you are not correctly registered, the folks that would handle that are at 866-697-0853.  If you are registered, than let me know and we will continue to work. 

Thank you! 

Re: verizon call assistant "server down" and login issue
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This was only a few Forum Posts Down from your own.  Search can be your friend...

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