verizon home phone installation problem

 I have a very sad story to tell and I am hoping you will all share this and get the word out.  This involves Verizon and the telephone line that was installed at my home for my home office paid for by my current employer.  The technician arrived at my home on Friday October 4, 2013 at approximately 4:30pm.  This is after I had waited at home, missing 3 days of work mind you, for them to come and install the lines.  My dogs, Buddy-a mini Australian Shepherd and Sammie-a little terrier mix we just adopted were very excited and barking quite a bit at this technician.  Anyway, the technician was quit rude and was cursing in my driveway about the barking dogs.  The technician proceeded to run a new phone line through my daughter’s room, through the wall and into my office and set the line and all was working when he left.  The trouble is that he left a box of staples on the floor in my daughter’s room.   Unfortunately, they weren’t discovered until Monday by my daughter because my little Terrier, Sammie, had gotten the box of staples and was playing and chewing them.  By the time my daughter realized what was happening and attempted to get them out of his mouth he swallowed a few of them.  I immediately called the vet and he advised me to feed him several pieces of bread and bring him into the office in the morning for xrays.  I took him to the vets on Monday morning and had the xrays taken and sure enough, the staples were lodged in his stomach by the pyloric sphincter.  The only way to handle this was surgery.  He could suffer a perforation which could be an emergent life/death situation.  So he underwent abdominal surgery to have the 3 staples he swallowed removed.  I tried to call and email the Verizon rep and left several messages but they never responded.  My poor boy Sammie had no idea why he was suddenly in pain.  He was very uncomfortable and sad.  I have spent approximately $1200.00 for this incident.  The fact that Verizon has not even responded to my messages is very upsetting to me.  I hope that you will all be enraged as I am by this incident and am asking your help to get the word out and maybe Verizon will realize that there are consequences to irresponsible behavior.  I hope this story gets out there and people are aware to check behind technicians when they leave if you have kids or pets that could be harmed by their negligence.  Thanks ALL!!

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A really horrifying incident. I really feel sorry for him. Hope he is fine now.