virtual phone number vs. distinctive ring

I am in the process of transferring an old copper line to Fios. It has distinctive ring, which I have been told does not exist in the Fios services. This has resulted in a problem with the service setup, and I am working with  someone to resolve it.  However, the distinctive ring issue is a sticking point.  We use the double ring of one of the distinctive ring lines so that we can pick up their calls without worrying what is on the caller ID [although some robocallers have picked up on it.]  Using the home phones to pick up the incoming caller ID and doing a special ring is not a solution as my family can be calling from someone else's desk or home, etc.

However, Fios seems to have something called virtual phone number which appears to be the functional equivalent (someone calls a [separate] number and it rings on the designated telephone line.  It has no separate line of its own, and is incoming only.    A description is at

The problem seems to be that the call center team I am working with cannot find this feature to implement.  Is it available on residence phones in the NYC area?  Anyone have it - and can you tell me the cost (distinctive ring is $12.50 for two lines/month.)


Re: virtual phone number vs. distinctive ring
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