voice mail subscription and visual voice mail ads

Since i updated my phone on January 25th 2014 my voicemail has become a very slow application. Every time I go to check my voicemail it says "verifying subscription status" it takes approx 1 minute each time to recheck my status. I pay a cell phone bill every month and see no reason why your service has to re-verify my status every time I go to use voicemail. Also my phone trys to sell me visual voice mail everytime I go to check my voicemail. Is thier anyway to just have the normal voicemail that I am paying for already?
Any help would be much appreciated.
Bill {edited for privacy}

Re: voice mail subscription and visual voice mail ads
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Community Leader

Is this for Verizon Wireless? You may want to try asking this question over at their community forums: http://community.verizonwireless.com/

If you have an Android phone, see if you can Force Stop the application and clear the data and cache for the application. You'll need to log back in, but in most cases this tends to fix weird issues caused by updates, or corrupted data.