wireless to landline calling

verizon treats verizon wirless to verizon landline calls the same way as verizon wireless to non-verizon landline numbers. verizon landline is fully digital and in the same network. it makes perfect sense to treat the wirless to landline same as wirless to wireless when all in verizon network when creating the wireless plans. such change in the plans will get more customers for both wirless and landline services of verizon.

i have both services at my home from verizon and when i call home from my own wireless phone, my wife has to hang up and pick up her wireless phone to call me so that we can avoid the wirless to landline extra charges of our verzion wireless plan.

If verizon makes this change, it can gain a lot more customers. i am wondering why verizon wireless has not noticed this yet after verizon landline has become fully digital in recent years. maybe the two groups do not talk to each other and it hurts the company.

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