Home Depot gift card is gone from my Home Offers
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Where is my $200 Home Depot gift card ? That main reason I signed up for Verizon Fios over the competition is because I would get a $200 Home Depot gift card after 60 days. This week, 60 days later, I received the email saying my Home Offer is ready. I checked my account on the website, and the Home Depot gift card offer is gone from my Home Offers. It was there 2 days ago under Pending Offers and now it is gone. 

Support has not been helpful.  They told me to clear my browsers cache, log out and log in, check the app vs desktop site. None of that worked. The Home Offer has disappeared. 

I'm convinced that this $200 Home Depot gift card was a lie, or a word that rhymes with spam. A bait and switch at the least. 

There is a Reddit thread with other people in the same situation. Did anyone actually get the Home Depot gift card?

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Hi lbuckels,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please check your Private Messenger Inbox for a message from a Verizon Support agent. You can find your Inbox by clicking on the envelope icon next to your avatar at the top right corner of this page. Response times may vary. Please continue to check your Inbox for a reply from a Verizon agent. Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents who will be assisting you privately.