New Fios customer - websites sporadically failing to load on all devices
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I'm a new Verizon Fios customer after spending several years with Cox (good service, bad pricing). My Fios connection is running through a Netgear Orbi mesh (which worked perfectly with Cox) to provide Internet access to a variety of devices via wired and wireless  connections.

I'm having serious performance issues with sporadic connectivity. On all devices, when requesting a web page:

* Often, the page is displayed immediately;

* Sometimes, the page is displayed after a delay between 10 and 30 seconds;

* Sometimes, the page only partially loads (e.g., only the top half of the content);

* Sometimes, the page loads, but with missing images / videos or with missing CSS (e.g., the content is there but not formatted); and

* Sometimes, the page request times out.

This occurs on all devices, both wired and wireless.

Also, this occurs on all websites - Amazon, Gmail, Reddit... even In fact, I had difficulty getting to this page to post this conversation - several of the page requests repeatedly timed out.

Two observations:

* Sometimes, a device fails to load pages from one website (e.g., Amazon) but is simultaneously capable of loading pages on other websites (e.g., Reddit). At other times, a device seems to have difficulty loading pages from any website for a period of time (e.g., several concurrent page requests are pending and not loading), and then suddenly performance is restored and all pages load.

* My Orbi sometimes reports its Internet connectivity as "Good," and at other times as "Waiting." The status seems to switch back and forth.

Things that I've tried without success:

* Using different devices, or using different browsers on a device (e.g., Chrome vs. Safari).

* Switching a device between wireless and wired connections.

* Releasing and renewing the WAN IP lease on the Orbi.

* Rebooting the Orbi base unit.

Any suggestions?


Re: New Fios customer - websites sporadically failing to load on all devices
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If you're facing sporadic website loading issues as a new Verizon Fios customer using a Netgear Orbi, try these quick solutions:

1.  Check Fios Network Status:  Ensure there are no outages or maintenance affecting your connection.
2.  Update Orbi Firmware:  Keep your Netgear Orbi's firmware current for improved compatibility.
3.  Adjust DNS Settings:  Experiment with different DNS server settings, like Google's ( and
4.  Optimize Orbi Placement:  Ensure Orbi units are well-placed for maximum coverage and minimal interference.
5.  Contact Verizon Support:  Reach out for assistance and check for network issues.
6.  Check Orbi Connectivity:  Monitor Orbi's status and address frequent shifts between "Good" and "Waiting."
7.  Run Speed Tests:  Evaluate Fios connection consistency and speed.
8.  Consider Wired Connection: Test with a wired setup to identify Wi-Fi signal issues.
9.  Verify Compatibility:  Confirm Netgear Orbi's compatibility with Verizon Fios and adjust settings accordingly.

Optimizing these aspects can enhance your internet experience across all devices.