13 months into my contract, can I upgrade to black friday deal?


I have 11 months left on my contract, my current plan is Internte 50/50 for $39.99, is there a way I can upgrade to the black friday offer of $59.99 300/300 ? I tried using the chat but the sales represantive said that deal for me would mne $69.99... honestly after being a customer for 5 years, it makes me want to switch providers when a sales represantive basically tells me there is a $10 month extra fee for being a loyal customer.

Is there anyway for me to get that price?

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Some customers had received emails with the “Black Friday offer” others have not.

in fact at another site the deals ranged to gigabyte speeds. However on entering the information and going to their carts the prices were far higher than what was offered.

now to your situation. You have a contract, until that contract is ended the providing party (Verizon) does not have to let you out of it unless they want to. Higher speeds are available all the time. It’s a contract. Now you could ask as you have been doing and Verizon may want to let you upgrade. But don’t get angry if they don’t.

the higher cost is simply a way to let you know they will bargain with you. But at their instance, not the customers.

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I think that customers with a short amount of time on their contract were the ones that got the deal, either by opting in on a text message or through email.

Some of us who got the offer have had problems with this deal. I put it in my cart, went through checkout, and the cost before taxes was $30 less than the cost in the confirmation email. And customer support has been very unhelpful - not that the people were deliberately trying to be unhelpful, but that phone support could not help with an online offer and chat support told me to go to phone support.