1GB Internet - Not on Roku, Not on Samsung Galaxy S7 via 5G

I'm hoping I'm not repeating a question alreasy asked, but I did search and found results not remotely related to the issue I'm having.

I had Fios 1 gbps service installed yesterday but cannot get nearly that speed to my ethernet-connected Roku. Here are the details of my service and equipment:

Service: Verizon 1gb Internet (up to 940/880 Mbps)

Router: Fios G1100

Ethernet Cable into Router: Cat5e

Splitter/Coax: MoCA 2.0

Patch/Ethernet Cable to Roku: 25ft. Cat6

Roku Model: Roku 2 4210R

The speed tests I run on the Roku indicated a rate of ~90Mbps and no more, despite no equipment/cable that is incapable of much higher speeds (to the best of my knowledge). I don't believe the Roku model itself is limited in any way, and I'm quite certain that the router and patch cables are capable of higher throughput.

Now, this speed is great...but it's not close to 940 Mbps. Has anyone had this problem? If so, have you been able to fix it? I only have two devices that I really want/need the top speeds for - the Roku and a laptop docking station. So far neither can achieve anything over about 90Mbps.

Related - my Samsung Galaxy S7 is connected to the 5G wireless. Running a speed test within 12 inches of the router, I get 91.9Mbps/119.9Mbps speeds. This phone complies with the 802.11ac standard...within a foot of the router, the speeds should be WAY higher than this, unless there's some setting that's off. They just set up the router yesterday, so if there is a router issue, I'd like Verizon to come get that fixed ASAP (or do it myself).

Re: 1GB Internet - Not on Roku, Not on Samsung Galaxy S7 via 5G
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Verizon (like other providers) only guarantees speed to access their network.

And they wont guarantee wifi access.

Start by running speedtest from your router.

Next step will be to use a hardwired device and run test to speedtest.verizon.net