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Do what farmers in the UK and in Vermont are doing. Get a horse, get some fiber, and dig your own Fiber network. The big companies don't care as evidenced by the articles linked, and they will continue to get larger and try to focus on other, less important things. I'm not joking. In the UK a network of farmers who dug their own fiber network now enjoy hundreds of megabits, out in the sticks.

Or, move to Sweden, South Korea, or Singapore if you don't want to worry about fiber availability and want fast and cheap, and an as-close-to-US level of website access. In fact SK telecom is already working on a wireless network of all things that has tested running at 1Gbps out in the field.

Or, move to a Google Fiber location. They get the idea.

I'm still on DSL, and yes it's cheap. My local cable company is working on evolving to Comcast which leaves sour tastes in my mouth. My phone on it's spotty LTE connection tests faster than my DSL. I've been waiting for FiOS to show up for 8 years already.