25% price increase for DSL in one month!!!
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i get the crappiest DSL service, if I am lucky I get a whopping 5MB/s download speed. That is only if it is not raining, windy or cold. About 200 feet of my phone line has been laying in a water filled ditch for almost a year, intentionally placed there Verizon technicians. A good portion of the line is just laying in the grass on the side of the road. It has been shreeded by town lawn mowers, and ripped off the pole by town snowplows. There are at least 12 splices in my phone line, all of them exposed to the elements. About 3-4 times a year, I lose both landline and DSL for up to a week at a time, because Verizon refuses to install new copper that every visiting technician says is required. I cannot use Netflix or Amazon video,  the speed is not consistent enough, so the video is constantly buffering. And what do I get for this inconvenience?? A whopping 25% increase in the price of DSL from March to April 2017. You people are thieves...